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Cooking Bobby Flay Style

What is Bobby Flay style? With apologies to the fashionable, personable TV host and chef, “cooking Bobby Flay style” is what my niece calls cooking from scratch. In the old days, when I was just a wee person, people had to cook from recipes, from ingredients. There were boxed meals that you could buy, but they were expensive, and only the most extravagant of people actually used them on a regular basis. I remember when hamburger helper came out. It was supposed to be such a time saver in the kitchen that everyone would want to use it. Who knew that now, years later, everybody does use that sort of premade, just assemble and eat, meals?
The argument has been made that the obesity epidemic is due to the use of high fructose corn syrup in our diet. 20 years ago, there was very little HFCS. But a lot has changed in 20 years. Not only is there more HFCS in our diet now, but there are also more preservatives, more chemicals and fewer people cooking now than ever before. Then of course, there are video games, three hundred channels on the average TV and the omnipresent internet for kids to play with. I think the obesity epidemic is far more complex than just eliminating HFCS.

I have compiled some of my favorite recipes, which are for cooking Bobby Flay style. Some are healthy, some are indulgent. I hope you enjoy them and consider adding your own.

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