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Listia.com and Dr. Pepper EA sports game codes.

So you say that nothing good in life is free? You think that you can’t get something for nothing? You want dr. pepper game codes so you can get that neat virtual weapon in Battlefield Heroes but you can’t buy dr. pepper with the code where you live? Have I got the solution for you!

Listia.com is a cool up and coming website which acts as a mediator between people who have junk they want to get rid of and people who want more junk. It’s sorta like Ebay, except it doesn’t cost actual money. It’s sorta like freecycle, except people actually want what you’re giving away. It’s sorta like craigslist, except it’s safer because you have the “listia assurance” against scammers.

What exactly is it? It’s a website, where people auction off their unwanted items. Anyone can join and it’s completely free to do so. Even before you’ve joined, you can browse the auctions and see what sort of cool and interesting things people are giving away. Once you’ve decided to join, you get a certain amount of free credits to get you started. If you link your listia.com account with your facebook or twitter account, you’ll get even more free credits. The geniuses at Listia will even give you free credits just for checking in, making comments on other people’s auctions and all sorts of other things.

Where does this lead you if you’re not a US citizen and you want dr.pepper codes? Well, the site is international, so you can sign up and get the free credits just like anyone else. Then you search for dr. pepper in their handy dandy auction search and start bidding. Of course, you have to verify your account before Listia will let you bid on those auctions, but it doesn’t take long to verify your account.

Listia has a seller/buyer feedback mechanism much like Ebay. Good sellers can be weeded from bad sellers by their feedback rating. You can even see what previous buyers have said about a potential seller by looking at their profile.

Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Use this link and look me up when you get there.

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