My DH made a solar oven yesterday. What a sweetie. I had mentioned that I wanted to make one, but I was really busy with the garden and housecleaning for guests and all the other little minutiae that fills up the day. I looked up from the kitchen window about midday, and what did I see but an enormous cardboard box with an Elizabethan collar. You remember Elizabethan collars, don’t you? They’re the ones that the vet gives you to put on the dog so it can’t lick whatever injury it has. The fact that it makes the dog look like it has a satellite dish on it’s neck is just a happy accident.
DH had taken a old 1/2 bushel peach box (cardboard) and lined it with tinfoil. He then cut up another box to make the wings of the solar collector and attached it to the top of the box, so it looks like a large funnel. Finally, he cut a piece of plexiglass and trimmed the edges with tape and fit the plexiglass between the solar collector and the box of the oven. I was planning on buying a turkey basting bag from the grocery store, but since we had the plexi just lying around, it was probably better.

So, what am I doing with my wonderful little solar oven? Right now, I have my dutch oven out there with my beef tallow in it. I need to render the beef tallow, but it’s too hot to turn on the oven. I’ve heard, but have no experience yet, that the solar oven WILL get hot enough for this purpose.

Backwoodshome, a magazine which has lots of near information in it, has many recipes for solar ovens.

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