Italian Style Soda

In a previous post, I talked about how we had bought the sodastream jet home soda maker, which is just a small CO2 canister connected to a device which allows you to carbonate water. You then add their proprietary syrups to make your own soda. They have many wonderful flavors of syrup, but the “coke” syrup tastes more like Pepsi and my husband has gone back to buying Coke in bottles. He also tried the mountain dew equivalent and that was also not the success that I had hoped for.

Since I am not addicted to soda like he is, but I like sparkling beverages, I decided to be more adventurous and deviate from the sodastream syrups. Originally I just added lime juice to their cranberry and pomegranate syrup. I am not good about measuring, I just pour about a tablespoon of the syrup and a tablespoon of lime juice in a liter glass and pour in the carbonated water. Yummy.

One day I was at the local coffee shop, enjoying a budget busting latte, when I noticed they were advertising “italian soda”. Normally, they don’t advertise italian soda, but they are gearing up for warmer weather when their income goes down because people don’t drink their hot coffee as much. I asked them how they made italian soda, and they grabbed a bottle of the torani syrup that they use to flavor coffees. Apparently Torani syrup comes in many different flavors, not just the hazelnut that I like in my lattes. They place one jigger of torani syrup and then add seltzer water and ice. Voila! italian soda, which goes for $2.50 a glass!

Torani has more than 80 flavored syrups, and they also have sugar free versions. You can find them in your grocery store if you’re lucky, or in your favorite spendy coffee shop. World Market has a wide variety of the syrups for a cheaper price than the coffee shops around here. You can always buy them online directly from Torani. This is probably the only way to get some of the more unique flavors, like italian eggnog and bacon.

There are other italian syrups to buy, such as DaVinci, Dolce, and Monin. I personally have only tried Torani so far, as I can’t find the others at my local stores.

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